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Quality Control Department is consisted of trained personnel who in parallel with other departmentss, are trying to control and maintain the quality parameters of products and to deliver the optimal product to customers. In this regards, the products shall be evaluated and tested in 3 stages: input control, control during the process, control of the final product.

Input Control

All items are sampled after entering to the factory and tested in accordance with the relevant standards and if confirmed, are sent to production lines for using. Controlling process of entering parts is performed by Shetabkar Laboratory, which is equipped with precise and advanced test and control devices and are continually calibrated by accredited laboratories.

Control in Process

In this step, parts are controlled and sampled randomly regarding the changes and kind of process which are carried on them, from the aspects of appearance, dimensions and performance tests.

Final Product Control

In this step, it is sampled from the final product and all controlling and inspections are done on them in accordance with relevant standards of all aspects like observing control (packaging), dimensional control (standard and defined parameters) and function control (practical & laboratory tests) and after getting confidence, products are delivered to customers.

Objectives of Quality Control Department

  • Maintain and improve the quality of produced parts.
  • PPM reduction of Shetabkar Company toward zero and enhancing the quality performance grade.
  • Endless efforts in resolving quality issues in production lines.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction.
  • Reduce the Quality Costs according to COQ calculation and resolving the defects and quality extra costs.
  • More Precise Control to decrease Re-work and scraps in production lines.