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The most important task of Quality Assurance Department is the documentation of policies, systems, programs, procedures and organization’s guidelines. In this regards, Quality Assurance Department is in charge of informing and teaching optimal utilization of these documents to relevant staff in order to be able to implement this system in the best way. Obviously, all these activities are in the aim of quality supplying and quality promote in offering controlling tests.

Shetabkar’s Quality Assurance Department performs precise planning, organizing, guiding and control review in order to reach defined goals.

This Department has prepared and implemented the Standardization Recipes for the following issues, for the cases such as knowing the Standards of Quality Management System of Automobile Industry in customer satisfaction field (IATF 16949: 2016) as well as other related courses of internal inspection, the accuracy of testing and implementing the quality policy.

The employment of Total Quality Management (TQM) will lead to regular and constant review of all processes and subsequently errors are identified and also the probable errors that are likely to arise in future will be prevented.

Main tasks of the Quality Assurance Department

  • To meet customers’ demands and reach their satisfaction
  • Conduct internal audits, summing up the results and relevant data and documentation
  • Preparation of Quality guidelines, rules and regulations for technical specification
  • Taking corrective and preventive actions in incompatibility issues, follow-up to resolve conflict
  • Possible actions to avoid similar conflicts in the future
  • Suppliers Evaluation

Quality Assurance Achievements

Quality Management System for Automotive
industries and Related Spare Parts

Global Network Quality

Quality Management System

Receiving unprecedented ISO / TS from IMQ in February 2017 without any Major and Minor Discrepancy

Receiving the results of audit over 90% from inspection companies in 2 projects of Sapco and Sazehgostar