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In order to interact with customers and aiming to enhance customer satisfaction, Shetabkar has applied for developing the CRM section, and to respect the customer rights an integrated information system is being implemented to make their communications easier. The main purpose of this integrated system is to empower the personnel for programming, scheduling and controlling the activities of pre- and post-sales. This main is achieved by having permanent presence in After Sales Service Centers of the Car Manufacturers and making constant interaction with the clients to identify their needs and managing their required services through some communication channels like website, phone and application forms.

The strategic approach of CRM

According to the developing strategies and targets for Shetabkar in the field of Customer Satisfaction, this unit is responsible to provide maximum satisfaction of the clients through an interactive approach with them.

Functional tasks:

According to the strategies set out in the communication with customers, this unit aims to establish and implement standards in the field of customer relationship ISO 9001 and ISO / TS 16949, and in order to facilitate and accelerate communication with customers they fulfill their duties through the following methods:

  • Creating media communication channels with customers i.e. phone and email to receive requests and complaints from customers directly
  • Target to investigate the customer’s requests and complaints at the shortest time in the company and after sales service centers.
  • Communicate with customers to assess their satisfaction with the services and to improve processes and improving the quality of services
  • Provide customer services within the guarantee period

    Make it possible for the customer to refer to authorized after sales service centers of car manufacturers in guarantee period and transfer their problems to the present representatives of Shetabkar in the center directly and consequently replace the defective parts at the shortest time.

  • Communication with the customer and track complaints expressed by the customer

    Considering the continuous presence of Shetabkar representatives in authorized after sales service centers who prepare the necessary reports regarding the number of replaces, type of problems occurred, several workgroups are created to study and sort the problems that customers declare their most dissatisfaction about. These problems are re-studied and evaluated in details in by automotive manufacturers' representatives.

  • Receiving the parts of after sales service centers as well as studying the causes of problems

    Considering the presence of the personnel of Shetabkar customer satisfaction department in more than 6 after sales service centers in the whole country, some parts are taken back and re-studied.

  • Preparing the performance and monitoring reports continuously to catch customer's most satisfaction.

    Prepare the customer satisfaction indicators based on the reports about the number of parts monthly and annually reverted to agents and submitting these reports to organization top management.

  • The presence of representative on customer assembly line

    Shetabkar representative has been deployed on customer production line to study the assembly process and controlling and monitoring the production to make the customer more satisfied.

The link for customers to Customer Satisfaction Affairs in Shetabkar

Customer Satisfaction Affairs of Shetabkar is available through the tel. No. +98-21-44527143 (ext. 260), enabling the customers to be in contact with company and convey their messages directly to the Customer Satisfaction Affairs Chief.